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Transforming Ad Spend Efficiency for Wild Clouds

Client: Wild Clouds

Challenge: Wild Clouds, a thriving online retail store, faced a significant hurdle. Despite engaging in aggressive discounting strategies, the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) barely met expectations, yielding minimal profit. The brand struggled with optimizing full-priced campaigns, seeking to enhance both Average Order Value (AOV) and overall profitability without leaning on constant discounts.

Solution: Roaring Agency took a deep dive into Wild Clouds’ operational challenges and market dynamics. We overhauled the ad spend strategy, focusing on promoting full-priced products while maintaining a compelling brand story. Our approach integrated:

  1. Ad Creative Overhaul: Refreshing ad creatives to resonate more with the target audience’s aspirations and lifestyle, aligning with full-priced products’ perceived value.
  2. Strategic Upselling and Cross-Selling: Implemented data-driven upsells and cross-sells within the shopping experience, enhancing AOV with products complementing the original purchases.
  3. Optimization of Marketing Channels: Identified and capitalized on the most effective marketing channels for Wild Clouds, reallocating budget to platforms yielding higher ROAS.
  4. Customer Journey Analysis: Fine-tuned the campaigns by understanding the customer journey, ensuring touchpoints are effective in converting sales without discounts.

Results: Roaring Agency’s strategic pivot led to a dramatic improvement in Wild Clouds’ profitability metrics. Notably, the campaigns for full-priced products achieved a stellar 3.76 ROAS, a significant jump from previous campaigns. This strategic shift not only improved immediate revenue but also positioned Wild Clouds as a premium option in its market, improving customer perception and loyalty.

Testimonial: “Cesar and Roaring Agency have been instrumental in improving my business’s Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Average Order Value (AOV). […] Under Cesar’s guidance, my business has experienced remarkable transformations.” – Franny C.

Catalyzing Growth for OVER&ALL’s Exclusive Collection

Client: OVER&ALL

Challenge: OVER&ALL approached Roaring Agency with a specific need: to elevate the ROAS for their premium denim collection, ensuring it sold out before an upcoming line launch. They faced constraints with a limited budget, necessitating a strategy that was both cost-efficient and highly effective.

Solution: Roaring Agency crafted a bespoke campaign for OVER&ALL, centered around achieving high impact with optimal budget utilization. Our approach included:

  1. Targeted Campaigns: Micro-targeted ad campaigns focused on demographic segments identified as most likely to engage with and purchase from the denim collection.
  2. Engagement-Driven Creatives: Utilization of dynamic, engaging ad creatives that highlighted the exclusivity and premium nature of the denim collection.
  3. Inventory-Led Urgency: Implemented real-time inventory updates in ads to create urgency, driving up immediate purchases.
  4. Efficient Budget Allocation: Streamlined ad spend, focusing on high-performing times of day and audience segments, maximizing the campaign’s reach and conversion with the available budget.

Results: The campaign was a resounding success, with OVER&ALL’s denim collection selling out as required and a substantial 4.46 ROAS achieved. The efficient use of budget resources not only met but exceeded OVER&ALL’s objectives, setting a new internal benchmark for their promotional campaigns.

Testimonial: “Working with Cesar has been great! […] My budget was quite small, and Cesar still managed to turn this into a positive ROAS which is quite impressive! I will definitely keep on working with Cesar, and I highly recommend him!” – Enid C.

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